Trusted independent and objective third-party inspections for buyers looking to assess the condition of a prospective purchase. We inspect thoroughly each vessel under your consideration providing a complete overview and understanding of the actual condition of a vessel, any potential risks that the buyer should be aware of and a solid understanding of any unforeseen expenses to ensure the vessel is brought back to safety and quality standards for operational purposes.

Our comprehensive and detailed report will provide you with the best tools to evaluate your investment. Furthermore, a proprietary reporting procedure ensures that all our inspectors will carry out a standardized approach to vetting a vessel. However, we have also the flexibility to adapt our reporting and assessments to your specific needs and requirements.

In addition to the assessment of the asset, our Inspectors will carry out a thorough and extensive review of documentation and certificate history, ensuring compliance with regulatory bodies. A review of Class Records may also be added as a service to the inspection. Learn more


For ship owners or ship-managers to provide a cost-efficient and complete inspection on the current condition of your vessels. We have both proprietary checklist documentation or can utilize company-specific procedures to inspect your vessel.

Shipowners seek to periodically assess the condition of their assets to ensure any potential failures or damages are identified prematurely. Our extensive network will provide a cost-efficient, swift and flexible solution particularly when vessels are operating in remote and regions difficult to reach for your organization.

Our support will also monitor the performance of appointed ship managers and verify the condition of owners’ assets, in the event these are under bareboat charter agreements or third-party ship management. Learn more

Charterers Pre-Hire

Critical is for a charterer to ensure that any vessel in consideration of commercial activities is well maintained and reviewed before any decision is taken. We are capable of understanding the specific requirements of Charterers and will provide screening from a technical and commercial perspective, considering any specific requirements you may have. Learn more

For P&I Clubs

If you are in the need of a survey related to claims and insurance handling, concerning Hull, Machinery, Equipment or any liability from Shipowners we can provide the experience to carry out the technical investigation up to final reporting.

Understanding the requirements and unique relationship between P&I underwriters and shipowners we can offer our unparalleled service to both ends, either by assisting shipowners in pre-entry inspections or carrying out risk assurance and inspections for P&I clubs benchmarking the actual condition of the vessel. Learn more


These inspections are carried out with focal attention to the local and international regulations that each nation observes when carrying out PSC inspections. We provide a thorough report on our suggestions and recommendations to mitigate the areas that might be of concern and our inspectors have the training to provide clear instructions to all ship crew on actionable insights. We are well prepared and competent specifically for AMSA and USCG. Learn more


The focus of this service is the validation of the vessel’s condition and management system. These are the two key points that RIghtship inspectors consider of utmost importance. Learn more


This service will ensure that any Sire / CDI / vetting will be concluded with the lowest or null observations. Our inspectors will provide their wealth of expertise to screen your vessel and produce an observation list with detailed rectification measures. These will ensure, once amended satisfactorily, a positive outcome from vetting inspections. Learn more

Incident Investigation

Our expert surveyors and collaborators will be your trusted partners to support you in the event of any investigation you may need.

We can carry out detailed technical investigations on all machinery incidents occurring on your vessel narrowing down root cause and origin of failure and provide support in repair plan.

Our expertise is not limited to technical engineering but also navigation accidents related to collision, allision, grounding occurrences. We will take into consideration various data sources available to provide our independent trusted review based on your needs.

If you are a Charterer and require consultation related to overconsumption claims we can provide support through our extensive knowledge on charter party agreements and any possible litigations arising from breaking of clauses from the counterpart.

We can also support any matters arising from delay in cargo operations or ballast complications. Learn more

Cargo Holds

Upon loading of a new cargo, it is of paramount importance to check the holds are sufficiently clean, dry and ready to accommodate the new cargo. An inspection will ensure:

  • Drastic reduction in possible cargo contamination,
  • Adherence to the highest safety standards to prevent damage to your asset or any operator involved
  • Prevention of cargo damages

Our surveyors will overlook the process of hold inspection, cleaning, ventilation and loading to mitigate any potential situation. Learn more

Bunker Survey

This service will provide your vessel with precise measurements to ascertain the quantity of bunker in your vessel at any given required time. Learn more

Cargo Survey

This service will provide your vessel with precise measurements to ascertain the quantity of cargo in your vessel at any given required time. Learn more