Maintenance and repair services are crucial to the safety, efficiency, and profitability of a vessel. Regular upkeep extends the lifespan of ships, reduces operational downtime, and enhances environmental compliance. HMA supervisions are an investment that guarantees smooth sailing, safeguards crew, and secures a sustainable future.

Modifications and repairs supervision

How to increase reliability and operational efficiency? Our HMA maintenance and repair engineers provide onboard guidance, specialised crew training for critical maintenance activities and support for shore-based personnel. Their expertise helps you optimise planning and performance procedures and minimise machinery downtime as well as maintenance costs, e.g. through:

  • Specialised assistance in vessel repairs
  • Overseeing auxiliary engine overhauls with focus on maximising time between overhauls
  • Assistance with the dry-docking process
  • Technical supervision of any machinery repairs in cooperation with third-party companies

Damage report survey

If an incident caused damage to your vessel, our undersigned surveyors evaluate and ascertain the cause and extent of that damage with utmost diligence. Our HMA experts elaborate a thorough narrative and sequence of events, complemented with clear and objective survey findings, and involving any allegations towards stakeholders. Any repairs will be observed or noted in the report. If mandatory, Class will be solicited and Class Status evaluated against the damage.

Auxiliary engine (AE) overhaul

Safe, reliable and efficient engine operation is crucial for ship owners seeking to lower operational expenses. By careful AE overhaul, insurance loss record can be minimised due to zero incidents following overhaul. To maximise time between overhauls, our team of technical experts provide:

  • Detailed reporting and assessment of engine room crew
  • Practical training for engine room crew
  • Guidance on prep work and verification of required spare parts and tooling
  • Assistance in updating engine maintenance manuals
  • Experience with reputable engine manufacturers (e.g. MAN, Hyundai HiMSEN, Yanmar, Daihatsu and Wärtsilä)

Drydock and repair supervision

Whether for unplanned repair supervision, upgrades or modifications (BWTD or scrubbers) we match our pool of experts to your specific requirements. Our technical advisory service ensures that your project runs smoothly with minimal downtime whilst observing best-in-practice technical procedures, ensuring that dry docks are completed within budget and on schedule. Our support extends to all aspects of dry dock execution:

  • Evaluation of shipyard capabilities on behalf of ship owners
  • Management consulting for complex dry docks by our dry dock superintendents
  • Liaising with service providers in the yard

Vessel lay-up services

For those ship owners wishing to put the operation of a vessel on hold when it is deemed uneconomical, HMA offers tailored lay-up services. The prime objective is to maintain the utmost safety of the vessel and crew whilst seeking alternative solutions to reduce operational expenses. Our experts will assist in guiding all lay-up phases:

  • Selection of the most adequate location
  • Shareholder declaration
  • Vessel inspection
  • Planning of manning reduction or cold lay-up

How can we support you?

Do you need more information on HMA inspections or our other services? Please don’t hesitate to contact our expert team!