Remote Services

VDR Audit

VDR data together with relevant voyage documents can be used, when analyzed by an auditor, to confirm that bridge procedures are being followed and the bridge team is working effectively to observe watch keeping standards.

Based on the VDR analysis, on board training can be channeled where gaps in knowledge or performance are highlighted.

Remote VDR Services has many benefits, being the safest and most cost-effective way to schedule a complete Navigation Assessment.

  • No auditor presence on board
  • The client chooses when and where the audit takes place
  • The data can be paused, rewound and replayed exhaustively for better understanding and analysis
  • Audit covers thoroughly the compliance with industry requirements
  • The data can be shared with the bridge team in conjunction with the report to better emphasis and demonstrate the findings and recommendations for improvement
  • Unannounced
  • Fixed costs

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Magnetic Compass

Despite modern technologies, Vessel Owners, Vessel Operators, Masters, Officers, Coastal Pilots and Industry Organizations are recognizing the importance of non-digital Conventional equipment like magnetic compass and the need to maintain deviation within acceptable limits.

The unique feature of our service is that we can conduct adjustment of deviation of vessel’s magnetic compass remotely, providing clear instructions and guiding Officers on board via the vessel’s e-mail.

Our remote adjustment will:

  • Considerably reduce the cost
  • Be time-efficient as there is no embarkation/disembarkation of the adjustor involved
  • Be done while the vessel is underway towards her next port of call
  • Not be necessary to make full turn 360 degrees, as we carry out based on one quadrant of deviation data.

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Inventory of Hazardous Material

A fundamental requirement by the EU SRR and IMO HKC, the two conventions currently regulating the use of non-hazardous material onboard, is the completion of well-documented inventory of hazardous materials onboard ships, what is known as IHM. Our auditors will review all shipboard documentation and evaluate this against statutory requirements to ensure the safest standard of compliance. Learn more

Ship’s Valuation

Our expert collaborators can provide expertise to guide you through the valuation of your assets, or if you are considering an investment, support you in the decision not only by providing a qualified valuation but also supporting you with current market conditions/fluctuations to provide you with complete oversight. Learn more